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There are 3 things you need for an internet presence:

The web hosting service stores the computer files and graphics that make up your website and delivers them to people who are browsing the internet.

In practical terms your files are stored on a computer that is connected to the internet and running special software. Every time someone asks for one of your pages it's this computer that delivers the information.

We provide a high-quality service to meet this need. Depending on how busy you website it we can offer different levels of package. This starts at very low cost, approximately 50 cents a week, going up to $25 (US) a month for the busiest websites. When you compare that with some on the other expenses of running a business it's very reasonable.

We normally provide a complete service that gives you everything you need, but we're happy to work with anything that you already have, we want to make the internet work for you.

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