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Web design services . . . .

Our objective is to make the internet easy and straightforward for customers. Running a business or organisation is hard enough without learning all the skills needed to produce a website.

We realise that your most valuable resource is time. How you use it will be reflected directly in the bottomline of your business. You can choose to build your own website, and that's how many people manage. It's the 'cheap and cheerful' solution, rather like buying your clothes from the charity/goodwill shops. You take what's on offer and even though it's not the latest thing it does the job.

There are many services that allow you to build your own website with very little design and computer expertise.

Our philosophy is different. We have seen small businesses completely changed after using websites. There are so many advantages, for instance . . .

We can take your existing brochures and printed materials and transform them into a low-cost website quickly and easily. We're happy to look at existing websites and update them. Our philosophy is making it work for you.

Website maintenance upgrades and updates

Ok, you've already got a website so you don't need our design and build services, but what about maintenance and enhancements. Maybe your website is starting to show its age or is in need of some minor updates, perhaps a friend built it for you but no longer has the time to maintain it. Whatever the reason we're happy to make small changes to your site.

No job is too small.

We look at it this way, today you may be spending $20 on a few changes, but tomorrow you might be looking for a complete redesign and we'll be in the running to quote you for that.

Contact: Alan Chard

We have 10 years experience in designing and producing websites for a wide variety of users.