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Hart Gallery a leading London art gallery

Hart Gallery is a leading London art gallery specialising in contemporary art, sculpture and ceramics.

This site has recently had a total refurbishment and conversion to cascading stylesheets. It now uses interactive slide shows to view artist's work.

Kirkland Hall Cottages in the UK lake district

Kirkland Hall Cottages, in the UK's lake district, a superb location. Details of the cottages and booking arrangements.

McKernan Church Edmonton, near the University of Alberta

McKernan Christian Church, Edmonton, near the University of Alberta.

Full of information about the activities including a calendar that is updated regularly.

Entirely driven by cascading stylesheets.


LakesUK - tourist information about the UK lake district

LakesUK provides tourist information about the UK's lake district. A three-column layout using the latest web design techniques for ease of use and fast delivery.

Now in the process of converting to database-driven, this will mean that property managers can register an account then add their properties complete with photographs. Visitor searches will present results based on the current database.

Major innovations are planned including mapping and proximity searches.